An endless succession of narrow steps that, through terraced gardens of lemon groves, bright colored bougainvillea and scented geraniums, lead down onto the sea between a maze of small houses clinging to the rock, tiled domes, votive shrines and charming sunsets, due to the particular morphology of this stretch of the Amalfi Coast.

Praiano, the ancient Plagianum is wonderfully set in a scenario of incomparable beauty, in one of the corners of the Amalfi Coast in which mind and sight are kidnapped by this unique panorama: the bay of Positano, a long stretch out towards the sea of the Sorrento Peninsula up to Punta Campanella and, in the background, the Homeric mermaids of “Li Galli" islands and the beautiful island of Capri.

The sinuous curves of the Amalfi Coast, where sea and mountains form a harmonious bond creating breathtaking views, hide a very exclusive residence, in order to allow you to enjoy all the beauty of the Divine Coast in total privacy and relaxation.

Built in 1820 by the noble Neapolitan Rocco family, very close to the Bourbon Kinks of Naples and the Two Sicilies, Rocco Palace is an elegant and refined property, perfect combination between luxury and charm. Overlooking the deep blue sea and surrounded by lush lemon groves and Mediterranean vegetation, Rocco Palace enjoys a stunning coastal view of the famous Capo di Conca and the Saracen Asciola tower of Praiano. Old rose colored with white and grey side panels, Rocco Palace consists in three villas, furnished with taste and attention to details, to make your stay on the Amalfi Coast an unforgettable experience. The three villas, Sunshining, White Moon and Red Moon, are independent and autonomous with separate entrances and no areas in common with each other, respecting the privacy of our guests.